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Hamida has over 10 years of experience in hair styling and colouring, offering her services at affordable rates in the heart of Kingston. She studied in Kingston College and gained her qualifications to become a hairdresser, she also only uses professional products and has experience with different hair types, lengths and textures.

Hamida is currently working in a hair salon on Eden Street and is happy to take bespoke requests. She is also very pleased to offer her hair styling services to hijabis too in a covered area of the salon. Her prices are competitive and she handles her clients with great care, receiving consistently positive reviews on Treatwell.

For bookings, please contact: 07476846299 or follow @maria_hairstylist_kingston on Instagram. 

Available Services

Haircuts From Hairlights From
Wet Cut £15 Full Head Highlights £60
Cut and Blow Dry £30 Half Head Highlights £40
Shampoo and Cut £22 T-Section Highlights £35
Shampoo and Blow Dry £17 Parting Highlights £25
Wash, Cut and Blow Dry £30 Colour All Over £40
Re-style £40 Colour Regrowth £35
Blow Dry Straightening £22 Colour Correction Quote
Fringe Cut £5 Cap Highlight £35
Hair Up £40 Single Highlight £10
Hair Treatment £10
Curls £25


Hamida's Story

"I used to live in Syria, having spent my childhood in my beloved beautiful city of Aleppo. My childhood memories are of joyful moments, innocent laughs and the loving warmth of my friends and family.

Full of hope and motivation, I studied hard to complete my school education, looking forward to achieving my dreams in Syria. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, hopes were shattered, goals became unattainable and dreams turned into despair with my worries of what was coming next.

As the war and destruction continued, I left my beloved Syria with some family and friends. We ended up in Lebanon, where we experienced alienation, isolation and suffered hardship. Our only dream was to live a simple, peaceful life in a place where we can pursue our simple goals. That's how we ended up in the UK.

I faced lots of difficulties at the beginning, from language barriers to a very different set of values and culture. At first I did not feel accepted by people, I felt like people treated me as a stranger, a distant outsider.

I decided to face these challenges head on. I picked up the language, pushed myself to use English as much as possible in my everyday life. Against all odds, I managed to get a job. I pushed myself hard and never stopped trying, striving to achieve my goals and bring value to my community.

All I can say is that I'm very proud of myself now! I still have lots of dreams to achieve and I will keep trying. I want to advise every woman that if you want to achieve your goals you have to be patient and strong. Do not despair no matter what challenges you face.

Finally, I would like to ask from anyone who reads this to send me words of encouragement that will empower and motivate me to keep going on my journey of achieving my dreams."

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