Supporting refugee livelihoods in Kingston

Stories + Talents

Food with Walaa

Walaa is a talented chef who uses her love of cooking to introduce new audiences to the rich culinary treasures of her home city of Aleppo. Colours and tastes combine to dazzle the senses in all that she prepares.

Calligraphy by Abdul Rahman

Abdulrahman Murabieh is a former Syrian lawyer who has turned his hand to Arabic calligraphy with stunning results. A selection of his work has been showcased at Kingston Museum and he is now taking orders for bespoke pieces.


Crafts with Arwa

Through her artwork, Arwa reconnects with her cultural roots and explores the meaning and symbolism behind what it means to be Palestinian in the modern world, as identity and politics converge into one.

Refugee Action Kingston's sponsorship program enabled me to access opportunities that I wouldn't have otherwise been able to.


Having the opportunity to engage with others in the community and reach my potential really means so much to me!


Without RAK, I am certain that my life would look very different today. The difference that these projects make is enormous.