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 "Using splendid techniques, embroidering has been performed by generations of Afghan women and girls. Through embroidery, women weave the heart of the family into a physical form and enrich family history."

Latifa travelled to the UK in 2019 to join her husband who sought refuge here several years earlier, in a process that is known as a Family Reunion. After leaving Afghanistan when the country was comparatively safe, she is now unable to return. Latifa is an educated and driven woman with a college degree, but sees her exceptional sewing skills as a way of independently earning an income for her family while she spends time at home caring for her child. As for many Afghan women, the creation of handicrafts is something that she originally did instinctively as a way of decorating her own home and providing comforts for her family. Through her creations for our online shop, these creative touches can be enjoyed by you, too.

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